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2016 Iditarod Tours: Iditarod Finish & Northern Lights Tour

The 2016 Iditarod Finish & Northern Lights Tour package provides unmatched opportunities to experience Alaska’s #1 winter event – the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and to see the Northern Lights!

Iditarod Finish Tour Package in Nome - Wild Alaska Travel Iditarod Finish Tour Package in Nome with Wild Alaska Travel

2016 Iditarod Finish & Northern Lights TourWild Alaska Travel 2015 Iditarod Finish and Northern  Lights Tour In Nome

Our 2016 Iditarod Finish & Northern Lights Tour (9 days/8 nights) is the most comprehensive guided 2016 Iditarod Tours Package to experience the finish of the epic 1,000-mile Iditarod Sled Trail Sled Dog Race in Nome and to see the northern lights.

On this tour, you will not just be a spectator or tourist but have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in an authentic, uniquely Alaskan experience. You will witness the finish of the Iditarod, fly to the Elim Iditarod checkpoint to follow the race action, as well as drive a snowmachine to the last Iditarod checkpoint in Safety. You will hear the incredible stories from the trail during the Iditarod Finishers banquet. You will also learn how to drive your own team of sled dogs and compete with your own team of dogs in a 3-mile sled dog race. Other tour highlights include observing muskoxen, meeting some of the Bering Sea Gold characters, and playing golf on the frozen Bering Sea ice. You will stay in Nome’s best lodging with historical turn-of-the-century ambiance. Please click here for the detailed 2016 Iditarod Finish & Northern Lights tour itinerary.

2016 Iditarod Finish & Northern Lights Tour DetailsIditarod Finish & Northern Lights Tour

    • 2016 Tour Dates: Sunday, March 13, through Monday, March 21, 2016
    • Cost:  $3,950 per person, double occupancy, all inclusive (all accommodations, all meals, transportation, activities & guiding fees; however, airfare to Nome is not included)
    • Location of tour: Nome, Alaska 




Why choose Wild Alaska Travel for your Iditarod & Northern Lights adventure?
Wild Alaska Travel Iditarod Finish Tour Dog Mushing - Photo (c) Laurent DickWe understand that the journey to northwestern Alaska to experience the finish of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and to see the Northern Lights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here are five reasons that will guarantee you the best enjoyment of two of the most amazing winter experiences in Alaska.
1.Your guides are the best in the industry
The most important aspect of any guided adventure is the quality of the guide(s). Your guides are either Laurent Dick (owner) or Nan Eagleson, and their combined Alaska experience spans more than 50 years! They have an intimate and firsthand knowledge of the Iditarod and Nome, and their experience is unmatched in the industry.  Laurent has been following long-distance dog races in Alaska (the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod) as a photographer and guide for almost 20 years now. He knows many mushers personally. He lived in Nome for several years, and his friendships and connections with local residents allow him to create a tour that is unlike any other.  Nan Eagleson helps train 4-time Iditarod champion Jeff King’s dogs. A musher herself, she is passionate about the Iditarod and is a walking encyclopedia about dog mushing and the race.
2. Your Iditarod Finish Tour experiences span beyond the finish line
Of course you will witness the finish of the 1,000-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, but you will also experience the race in action by flying out for the day to the Elim Iditarod Checkpoint and by driving a snowmachine to the Safety Iditarod Checkpoint.
3. Become a dog musher yourself!
Watching the mushers and dogs is fun, but there’s nothing like standing on the runners during an exhilarating ride across the country, pulled by your own team of dogs. We pride ourselves to be the only tour operator that offers an Iditarod Finish tour that includes two dog mushing experiences. During the tour, you will learn how to mush your own team of dogs, and then you will have the opportunity to compete in a local 3-mile dog race!.
4. Our Northern Lights viewing happens in one of the best places and during one of the best times in AlaskaNorthern lights above Nome Alaska - Photo (c) Laurent Dick - Wild Alaska Travel
The beautiful and mysterious Northern Lights are fairly unpredictable, but several factors do greatly affect your ability to see them, most importantly your location and time of year.  Nome is located near the aurora oval, a ring-shaped region around the North Pole. This location provides a terrific balance of occurrence, frequency and activity. The aurora often peaks around spring equinox (March 21).
5. Our small groups provide a highly personalized and intimate experience
One of the most fundamental elements of all of our tours is to have a small group. It may cost a little more, but in the end we know that we would not be able to provide the level of quality experience to a larger group.


Iditarod Finish & Northern Lights Tour Guest Testimonials


2015 ditarod Finish and Northern Lights Tour in Nome with Wild Alaska Travel“Thank you so much for an incredible adventure in Nome and for making our first to Alaska so much fun. We loved having the opportunity to explore with you.” – Sara & Thomas McElroy, Seattle, WA –

“What an awesome week with so many fun adventures – I can’t imagine a better Iditarod trip!” – Diane Beck, Eagle River, AK –

2015 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Tour Package“Thanks for an awesome trip! I enjoyed every minute of it. I learned a lot and experienced a lot of firsts… snow machining, dog mushing, native village life, and standing on the frozen Bering Sea. How great is that?” – Janet Hart, Spring Hill, TN –

“Thank you for all you did throughout our stay to make it one of our most memorable trips.  It was fantastic!”   – Bill & Linda Bauer, Wisconsin

We had a wonderful time and experienced the real Alaska.” – Diane Collins, Australia –”

“Thank you so much for the incredible adventure for the Iditarod in Nome! Everything was perfect!” – Geoff Palcher, North Potomac, MD –

“Thank you for a great week! I had so many new adventures that will stay with me forever!” – Teresa Garza, San Marcos, TX –

Click on the video below for a sample of what you will experience during the 2015 Iditarod Finish & Northern Lights Tour in Nome: